Stogner Architecture, PA is located in Rockingham, North Carolina, and has been in business since July 7, 1997.

Wayne Stogner serves as Project Architect on all projects.  He has over 40 years of experience in architecture.  It is his hands-on guidance of field investigation, design, construction documentation, and contract administration that has established Stogner Architecture’s excellent reputation.

Our history of repeat business indicates that we are well prepared to deliver excellent service.

Stogner Architecture, PA is organized specifically to provide professional Design and Construction Management Services within our market area.  We have the right combination of experience and will schedule your work for timely delivery.

At Stogner Architecture, PA we have three LEED Accredited Professionals, Wayne Stogner (firm principal and licensed architect), David Stogner (senior architect) and Fred Ford (project manager).  LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an internationally recognized organization providing certification of sustainable buildings.  We at Stogner Architecture are able to provide building owners and operators a simplified framework for implementing sustainable solutions into their own projects.  The end results are buildings that use less energy, cause less pollution, provide healthier environments to live and work in, and thus generate more productivity out of its occupants.  Most importantly however, are the potentially very large percentages of money that can be saved on water, electricity and other associated operating cost.  We encourage our clients to integrate ideas and technologies of sustainability into their projects of new construction, renovation and restoration because the results are financially rewarding, socially responsible and environmentally necessary.

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