Linda Blackburn

                        Project Coordinator

Linda Blackburn has over 16 years of experience in project scheduling, meeting coordination, contracting, reviewing licensing and insurance certification, specification preparation, bid administration, change order and close out document preparation and maintenance of electronic documents.  She assists the Project Architect and Contract Administrator in paperwork and client relations.  Linda has worked on all of Stogner Architecture’s projects.


Partial Listing of Experience:

            Coordination of Meetings, Bids and Pre-Bids

            Maintenance of Online file folder for electronic project documents

            Preparation of Specifications

            Project Notification to Contractors and Plan Rooms

            Preparation of Advertisements for Owners

            Bid Administration

            Review of Bid Documents

            Performing Contractor Reference Checks

            Checking License Requirements

            Preparation of Certified Bid Tabulation

            Maintenance of HUD Bid Requirements for Owners

            Preparation of Owner/Contractor Contracts


            Construction Administration to include:

                                    Schedule Coordination

                                    Preparation & Distribution of Change Orders

                                    Preparation & Distribution of Final Acceptance Forms

                                    Maintenance of Project Meeting Minutes

                                    Processing Shop Drawings/Submittals

                                    Contractor/Subcontractor Payroll Report Review

                                    Processing Pay Requisitions

                                    Davis Bacon Reviews

                                    Project Close Outs