Martha Campbell



            Mod Coordinator

Martha Osborne has 25 years of experience as Project/Mod Coordinator. She has worked on all of Stogner Architecture’s Projects.  Martha has extensive knowledge of all phases of Administration of Projects and thoroughly understands the administrative paperwork required from beginning of projects to the required close out documentation.  During this time, Martha has attended a variety of HUD workshops including HUD’s Comprehensive Grant, Capital Funding and Davis Bacon/Labor Relations Workshops.  Her knowledge of all phases of Administration of HUD Programs and her understanding of the administrative paperwork required for all types of projects has gained Martha an excellent reputation with our clients.


Partial Listing of Experience:

            MROP Grant Preparation

            Drug Grant Preparation

            NAHASDA Applications

            CIAP Grant Preparation

            Comp Grant Preparation

            Demolition Applications

            Choice Neighborhood Application

            CIAP and Comp Grant Project Administration

            Capital Funding Annual & Five Year Physical Needs Plans

            Contract Preparation

            Review of Bidding Documents

            Production Scheduling

            Monitoring Obligated and Expended Funds

            Preparing Semi-Annual Labor Standards Reports

            Preparing Yearly Contract Minority Reports

            Construction Administration to include:

                                    Processing of Shop Drawings            

                                    Review of and processing of Contractor’s Pay Requisition

                                    Review of Contractor’s Payroll Reports

                                    Davis Bacon Reviews

                                    Project Close Out and Documentation

            Continuing Education Course Studies:

                        NAHRO Comprehensive Grant Program Training

                        Drug Elimination Workshop

                        Capital Funding Workshop

                        Davis Bacon/Labor Relations Workshop